Little Charms - PRESCHOOL

Welcome to our Little Charms family – A Bridge to your child’s Bright future!

We believe that the best school children shall be determined by how the students arrive willingly and leave the school enlightened. We strive to provide a world-class education to the kids and ensure that children leave the school with a charming face and spread their happiness in their surroundings.

Online Learing Platform

We are all witnessing an unprecedented challenge posed by the global outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic. As the world hunkers down to halt the spread of the virus, it's also essential that we do not let the Pandemic act as a barrier to the learning process of the little ones.

  • Playschool

    Our Playschool curriculum is carefully designed with fewer teaching aids and with more interactions, which make them participate in all activities with their interest and stimulate their brain to learn by playing.

  • Nursery

    Nursery is the second stepping stone for your children to improve their attention & communication with others. Our Nursery curriculum introduces the alphabets, routine practices with more playful and interactive sessions.

  • LKG

    Lower Kindergarten is the third stepping stone for your children to improve their creative skills & improve their language by Blending letters. Our LKG curriculum is innovatively designed to improve the children’s language skills and creative problem-solving techniques.

  • UKG

    Upper Kindergarten is the final stepping stone for your children to enter Primary School. Our UKG curriculum is innovatively designed to improve the children reading, writing & narrative skills with their effort which makes them enter primary school confidently.

  • Trained teachers

  • Quality Education

  • Safe and Secure

  • Early Childhood Learning

We Are The Best Choice For Your Child

The mental and physical growth of children is believed to be the most rapid between 2 to 4 years by experts. we certainly know that the formative years of a child’s life are of utmost importance for development, which is why, our child-centric approach ensures the perfect holistic development at this tender age.

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